When many or most of your customers will be visiting your website while they are located outside the Dominican Republic, you don't want your website hosted on servers within the DR. In fact, even if your potential customers are physically located within the Dominican Republic you still should host it outside of the country due to technical/quality-of-service reasons. The vast majority of websites catering to Dominican citizens are, you may be surprised to find out, hosted on servers outside of the country (the a few exceptions such as DR banks).

Have a new business idea related to the Dominican Republic? Are you starting a hotel or motel in Samana? Sosua? or Cabrera? Perhaps you're concerned that your site will not be sufficiently optimized for Google and thus won't be listed properly when potential customers/clients perform a keyword search? No problem, I've got you covered in the Dominican Republic.

Maybe you've got an office in Santo Domingo and need some help/consulting with regards your IT infrastructure? I've also got you covered.
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