The services I can provide to you: complex or simple website design and hosting, server administration/tuning/debugging, mobile app development excluding "native code" games (which is a speciality in and of itself I don't venture into), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), heavy-traffic site hosting, office network setup/testing/debugging, and computer choice/setup/repair.

Of course I make websites for the Dominican Republic: you can gleen that much from the website logo in the upper right corner of this site! However, I do a good bit more than just "design" sites. I'm a full-fledged programmer and Linux system administrator (I used to use Windows server 2003; and I had a dedicated server running that operating system for almost four years). For the last six years or so I've been using open-source technologies almost exclusively. My main programming language is PHP; although I know Python, Visual Basic, and C# as well). And all web designers know javascript, CSS and HTML as a foundation.

If you want a mobile app I used another open-source framework. It's a popular one: Apache Cordova (it's not the server software, it's just managed by the Apache foundation). Many "apps" don't need to have a separate piece of software that is downloaded from Apple's App store or the Google play store: you just create a mobile website. A mobile website is one that is specifically designed to accomodate small-screen devices such as your iPhone or Android phone. This keeps your costs down.
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