You can have a gander at some of the sites I have made in the past by browsing to my old site which is listed in the white box down towards the bottom of this page. At that site, simply go to the "Samples" section of the top menu and you can see the sites and their prices. You can also visit the sites directly: they are all alive and well! However, please note that most of them are located on a server in Hong Kong! Thus there are substantially more network "hops" between routers on the internet's backbone to go through before the data actually reaches your browser. Doing web design such that websites load quickly in visitor/users' browsers is extremely important to me! That's why this website resides in a server located in Miami. It will better serve both US customers and those who are viewing it from within the Dominican Republic. I can't wait till this website is finished and I can tell you more about why you should choose a web developer for the Dominican Republic (whether it be Sosua, or Cabarete or Santo Domingo) who hosts your website somewhere close within the United States. It's a better option than within the DR itself.
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