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Total Price: $1300 USD

As with all the sites you see listed under the "Samples" menu item: this site was hand-crafted and coded from scratch by yours truly (me!). I built it from the ground up so I am not "crossing my fingers" and hoping nothing goes wrong with the layout of either the user interface or backend server-side code. There is nothing I can't fix in it because I am it's author. The code is all mine.

This website was for a group of Italian businessmen who had been in the China trade for quite some time. Their product is health food imports to China. You'll notice if you if view their products that they link to an eCommerce seller in China. Even if you are selling on Amazon or some other eCommerce platform it is essential to also have your own self-contained and controlled website where you can list/show and perform overall marketing for your products.

You may be wondering: what is the best ecommerce platform for China? Well, in fact there are quite a few. For example:,, and quite a few more. Many of them require high deposits from sellers of certain goods. That is, they require a kind of security deposit for the seller of items on the platform to cover the platforms losses should you fail to meet your obligations to the customer after they've paid. Even the lesser ones will require upwards of $10,000 USD. However, depending on your product, has the lowest requirements (and in fact it is still the most widely used).

Please don't forget: although I've made quite a few websites for business people who are involved in China, I love the DR and want to do the same for those doing business in the Dominican Republic (including Santo Domingo, Cabrera, Puerto Plata, Sosua and Santiago.
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