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Where should I host my website for the Dominican Republic?
Not in the Dominican Republic. Most websites which cater to users within the Dominican Republic, in fact are hosted in the United States. I took a look at the top ten (10) most popular, most frequently visited websites relating to the DR and discovered that eight (8) of them were residing on servers/IP addresses located within the United States. One exception was a Bank (Banco Popular? I've forgotten, but it doesn't change the fact). Yes, I'll repeat that: even those websites which are designed by Dominicans and created for use by citizens/residents of the Dominican Republic are physically located in the United States. I imagine it's because of frequent power outages which occur in the DR as well as less-than optimal network equipment/datacenters. If you're in Puerto Plata and the power goes out you still want your country wide website to be readily available and serving up webpages to people in Santiago or Santo Domingo. By placing your site in the "orbit" of the DR means not putting all your eggs in one basket. The bank I found that had a Dominican Republic IP address obviously has to keep things truly local for legal/regulatory compliance.

How much do you charge for a website?
I charge from $700 to $1200 US dollars depending on the complexity of the site. How many languages do you need it in? Is this a dating website that you anticipate having 20,000 to 100,000 users? One million users? All of those scenarious are a breeze, no problem. However, the fees are different. If you have, for example, a small Sosua or Cabarete hotel or motel website only in English, I could probably do that for as little as $600 USD.

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