Even if your website visitors are located with in the DR itself: Don't host on the island!
Date Created: 2018-04-24

This may surprise many of you, but it's a fact. I did a survey of the most popular websites in the Dominican Republic. That is, those websites which are most frequently visited by residents of the island itself. What I discovered was that 80% of those websites were hosted at various locations within the United States and NOT from Dominican IP addresses. The only exceptions were banks. And I think it's understandable to most why: for political and mainly legal reasons it's necessary to have those within the boundaries of the country. So, all of the websites Dominicans use on a daily basis are located in the US. It does not matter if we're talking about dating websites, classifieds, or even website hosting companies whose advertising is totally in Spanish: they are located on servers within the US. I have found that many are even in places as far away as Seattle. Indeed, when I searched on Google using keywords in Spanish regarding website hosting: I found a web hosting service touting themselves as "local Dominican" yet their servers IP addresses are clearly located in Seattle.

I also found that when companies choose a city within the United States for hosting their DR website, the most frequent choice (as well as my own choice for my DR focussed server) is Miami.

If many of your potential/anticipated visitors are likely to be situated within the physical boundaries of the United States, then you have even more reason to put your website on a server located in America.

Without going to far into the details of how network speeds are determined (which inlcudes back planes, I/O, node CPU consideration and distance in hops), any of the visitors to your website located in the United States, Canada (or anywhere else in the world for that matter) will have much faster page load speeds if your site is located within the US network. Distance, to be sure, does matter. I test it all the time using VPNs (virtual private networks) which I must use to bypass the firewall in China. Miami is close enough such that local visitors to your site will get a snappy response when they type the name of your site into a browser. I would not trust Dominican networks.

Also the nature of your host/server makes a difference. Obviously, as I have been configuring servers at the command line for over 14 years, you will NOT be getting "shared" hosting with me. You'll have an account (really just file space) on one of my VPS accounts. I am very concerned with performance. I can't stand it when my websites don't load fast. With me, you can put these worries to rest.

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