How to Configure/Setup a Database for PHP Development Using PhpMyAdmin
Date Created: 2018-04-23

This is another one of my videos which mainly speaks for itself. Aside from mentioning a few general, yet important points, regarding MAMP, I'd recommend that you just watch the Youtube video below.

I also use Windows, however I've encountered a few snags which lead me to prefer a MAMP setup on a Mac as opposed to Windows (please note that I DO use both regularly, this is just if you need or want to make a choice between the two).

Importing records from database to another sometimes is fraught with problems on Windows. For this this reason alone I prefer a Mac setup. I work on both about equally, however this could be a deal-killer for some.

Watch carefully the parts of the video below which deal with users and permissions. That is crucial. So, good luck!

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