10 Crucial SEO Pointers and To Dos For Beginners
Date Created: 2018-04-22

PLEASE NOTE: I don't go into the concept of user engagement in this video. For that, it will be very helpful to have an actual developer add code to your site or perform other actions.) I believe with this video, it's just as well you simply watch the Youtube video I've posted below. Most of these tips (a good 8 out of 10 of them) can be handled by non-programmers. It's just a matter of having the desire and rolling up your sleeves. It's important to understand that the "castle" that will be your SEO-optimized website is built stone by stone, brick by brick over a long period of time. Unless you can convince an extremely authoritative website to link to you from their homepage (for example the front page of the New York Times website) it is always the slow, small, incremental boosts that you look for. Because, while there are lots of little SEO benefits you can obtain by links etc., there are few big swooping actions you can take to boost your site.

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