I really love the DR! I've spent a good bit of time in other countries, mostly in China, and I really wish I had experienced the Domincan Republic earlier. Down below I've embedded a video I think you'll find useful if you are interested in SEO for the Dominican Republic. My goal for this section of my site is to provide prospectivce clients with simple videos that will save us both time and help you (clients) get results. I'll also likely have a separate "developer" section where I list my videos from my Youtube Channel which teach web development and server-side scripting and administration.

If I defined myself in terms of what I spend most of my time with it would be easy: a computer programmer. However, I've discovered in a sort of an "after the fact" fashion, that I'm able to produce online marketing results very easily. This is because I'm a computer programmer who understands networks. That's what's first. Only secondarily, or, "after the fact", did I discover that knowledge regarding IP addresses, sockets, and network coding/programming translates into a deep understanding of SEO. Some SEO results can not be had merely by technical know-how alone; I'm well aware of that. However, understanding the limits of computers communicating over a network (i.e. visa fiber optic cable and radio waves in the case of wireless), gives one a sort of "automatic" understanding of the limits of search engines. If you're looking for a marketing company for the Dominican Republic, you may be able to end your search right here. I think I can say that at least as to most of the online aspects. Of course, I don't know where or how you could purchase a TV spot which includes a link to your website (which in turn could create massive traffice and more importantly "engagement" with your website). Nor can I create some of the magical videos that you see out there or museum-quality graphics some designers produce with Photoshop and other Adobe products. Nonetheless, I can get you where you want to be in most cases (for example if you're a small or medium-sized business).

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